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Finding Regulations

There are several ways to find regulations on OpenRegs.com. First, you can find regulations by issuing agency. On the home page, you'll also see links to recently proposed regulations, and proposed regulations the comment periods of which are closing soon. Finally, you can always search to find regs.

Subscribing to Alerts

One of the best features OpenRegs.com offers is the ability to subscribe to alerts by agency. You can choose to receive a notice each time a new proposed or final regulation is published by a particular agency. Just click on the "Subscribe to the feed" link on the top right of any agency page.


Once you find a regulation, you can start or join the discussion about the regulation in the comments section. You can also add links related to the regulation. For example, if you find a news article related to a regulation, you can add a link so that other looking at the page for the regulation can read the news article, too.

Filing a Comment

Once you've informed yourself about a proposed regulation, you might want to file a comment letter with the agency. You can read about writing and filing regulations in our learning section. When you're ready, click on the "File a Comment with the Agency Now" link on the regulation's page. You'll be presented with brief instructions and a link to the official Regulations.gov site where you can submit your comment.

About Regulations / Using this Site / Regulatory Library

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