Presidio Trust

Legal Process: Testimony by Employees and Production of Records

March 13, 2009 - 74 FR 10853 - RIN: - Download Full Notice: Text | PDF

The Presidio Trust proposes a regulation, limited to the Presidio Trust's organization and management, governing access to Presidio Trust information and records in connection with legal proceedings in which neither the United States nor the Presidio Trust is a party. This proposed rule will establish guidelines for use in determining whether Presidio Trust employees (as defined in the proposed rule) will provide testimony or records relating to their official duties. It also will establish procedures for requesters to follow when making demands on or requests to a Presidio Trust employee for official documents or to provide testimony. This proposed rule will standardize the Presidio Trust's practices, promote uniformity in decisions, conserve the ability of the Presidio Trust to conduct official business, preserve its employee resources, protect confidential information, provide guidance to requestors, minimize involvement in matters unrelated to the Presidio Trust's mission and programs, avoid wasteful allocation of agency resources and avoid spending public time and money for private purpose.

Agency Contact: Karen A. Cook, General Counsel, Presidio Trust, 34 Graham Street, P.O. Box 29052, San Francisco, CA 94129-0052. Telephone: 415.561.5300.

This is a proposed regulation. Comments were due on April 20, 2009.

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