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Reconfiguration of Restricted Area R-6714, Yakima Firing Center; Washington

April 24, 1996 - 61 FR 18062 - RIN: - Download Full Notice: Text | PDF

This action restructures restricted airspace at Yakima Firing Center, WA. Currently, Restricted Area R-6714 is composed of five subareas: R-6714A, R-6714B, R-6714C, R-6714D, and R-6714E. This rule decreases the size of areas R-6714A, R-6714C, and R-6714D by deleting the restricted airspace west of Interstate Highway 82, and the airspace south of the Yakima Firing Center property boundary. The remainder of R-6714A and R-6714E are redesigned, with three new subareas established: R-6714F, R-6714G, and R-6714H, to facilitate the release of portions of the restricted area for public access. A portion of R- 6714G, and all of R-6714H, consisting of new restricted airspace, are established. These changes are the result of a Department of Army review of their overall training and operational requirements.

Agency Contact: Ken McElroy, Airspace and Rules Division, ATA-400, Office of Air Traffic Airspace Management, Federal Aviation Administration, 800 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20591; telephone (202) 267-3075.

This rule is final.

0901 UTC, June 20, 1996.

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